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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby Ana Luisa is 1!!!

I just came back from a wonderful trip in Brazil, saw family, friends, made new friends and met new family members. But meeting my niece for the first time, and be present for her first birthday, was a dream come true.
Before she was born I made a sketch of what I imagined she would look like. My sister-in-law liked so much that she wanted my drawing to use for thank you gifts. We found this company called, and they custom print what you want on their lip balm. Since in Brazil every single person you know visits the baby after she is born, we had 200 of them made and shipped to Brazil.
Also for the baby shower, she had a cake made with the same image. As the baby grew, we thought she resembled more and more my own version in paper. So for her first birthday, my sister- in - law Camila used it for her party invitations.
For decoration, she also had he picture printed in a poster, and used my handwriting on her name.
I was so excited that I made a little doll using Fimo clay, which I posted previously on my blog. And she used it for a cake topper.

And for party favors, they had magnets made with my doll.

But then... if all of this wasn't enough for my ego... the greatest surprise of all is that, Camila liked so much my version of her baby, that she TATTOOED it on her!!!! So HOW ELSE can I get a bigger affirmation that people like my work? That was the greatest compliment I could get! And for this, it just validates my belief that I have a talent, that I should believe in my work, and most of all, myself. This was the greatest trip ever!
I love you baby Ana!!!