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Friday, May 24, 2013

T-shirt Makeover

I wanted a new top to use at the gym, but spending money in outfits it is just not on top of my priority list.
So I grabbed one of my husband's T-shirts, but it didn't looked very flattering to the figure, or feminine.
I remembered a web site with step by step instructions on how to braid a T- shirt, and you can see it here.
So I grabbed some scissors and made his T-shirt mine.
I started by cutting where I wanted to be more fitted (the sides, in the middle of the back, and the shoulders).
Then I braided like the way they showed on the pictures.
I took my own pictures...

...and hope you can see well enough... understand what I am doing.

In the end I tied a knot with a string.
And repeated o the other side, the back and the shoulders.
I also cut the collar of the T-shirt to look more open.

And see the difference in the back.
And now I have a new top.