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Monday, May 6, 2013

Cake after school.

Incredible how good childhood memories always relate to food, cake especially.
So for after school snack, today we will have cake (I "healthyfied" a little using coconut butter instead of butter, and white whole wheat flour instead of the white flour)- sorry bakers.
The original recipe and idea come from the great blog Dulce Delight, and the videos make it much easier to understand the process. Even though I like craft work, I am still scared of baking from scratch. So watching her making cake (and making jokes), make look more possible in my mind.
Today I tried to use multiple colors for the pattern on the cake. The hardest part is to make small details, and not in all of them I succeeded.
I also skipped cocoa powder, which made the cake pale. So maybe I won't do this next time.
But it was pretty tasty anyway. I will sure try to make more in the future.