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Monday, May 20, 2013

Evil Dr Hare Cake

Never make the mistake of asking your 4 year- old to make a sketch of his own birthday cake, and promise him you'll make it. So when I got the "project" in my hand, there was a lot brainstorming and Internet research to do. He asked me to make a character called Dr Hare, from this computer game called Poptropica.
First to figure out how to make the figure of this character, and how it would stand up. After a lot of thinking, I decided to make in paper clay, easier to sculpt and paint.
So the first step was to make a wire skeleton, to give support to the body.

Then I started covering the wire with the clay, and shaping the body.

And putting the details on it.

The next day it dried, and I painted with oil paint.

He also asked me to put pictures of the island Dr Hare lives, or goes to, and some of the other villains. So I opened a piece of Fondant, cut a circle with my cookie cutter, and made hand drawings with edible markers.

I used a paintbrush to paint, and used gel icing colors diluted with a drop of water.
After all this work, I did not want to bake a cake, so my husband bought one from my favorite bakery, Magnolia Bakery. And this is how the cake looked decorated.
I also made a pinata the same way I did on my last post for the blog, and filled with some chocolate, stickers and little toys for the kids. And for a little activity for the children, I bought plain paper bags and stickers, and they made their own party bags.
I even found this cute cup at Michaels for $1.99, and the kids could paint or make their own design.
And for drinks, I used small water bottles and decorated with cute buttons and stickers I had.
And that was the end of one more fun day.