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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby Shower Pinata.

Pressure to have something ready in a few days always help me to get ideas. My manager assistant K2 is having a baby, and by the size of her belly, soon. So I needed something for the baby shower. She told me her baby decorations are owl inspired, and looking everything owl on the Internet, I saw a pinata. And that is what I decided to make.
I followed the steps on Home Made Simple, since I never made a pinata, and never played with one before. It was messier than I thought but easy and cheap to make.
It took 2 days to be completely dry and hard, then I cut some tissue paper and glued around it.
So I covered the entire body of the owl with paper, then used old birthday card paper (they are pretty and colorful) to make eyes, beak and the two feathers in the head (that look like ears). Just one detail, I couldn't fit my gifts inside the hole on the top, so I made a cut in the back part, and didn't even need to close, because the back "feathers" covered it.
I filled the pinata with baby onesies and bibs(bagged in snack bags), chocolates, and a few things I could find for baby and mommy, that would fit the hole I had.
Since I liked this owl so much, and knew it was going to end up being smashed, I made a felt owl, in the same design I made the pinata. So at least K2 could keep something I made for her baby girl, soon to be here.

And that was another happy day, thanks to the magic of paper and glue.