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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thank You Teachers!

There is just so much we can do, or so much we can spend in gifts for teachers, assistants, managers and staff. And we really wanted to show appreciation for these people who care for our children, and help us in the process of raise functional and responsible citizens.
So my last day emergency plan is always cards and treats.
For the cards I used a few stickers and blank cards from my collection of accumulated sale items from Michaels. Just to make sure I thank each of them for the work they do every day.

I had a little time to prepare everything, plus I wanted to cut time of clean up, and in these cases I go semi homade. So I decided to buy a box of Graham Crackers. I made a little sandwich, and filled them with melted chocolate.

To make it more personal, I decided to top them with fondant. First I rolled it out, cut squares with a pizza cutter, them after dried, I drew each one using edible coloring pen.

I also used a paintbrush to finish painting with food coloring.
The boxes were from Michaels, as well as the pretty ribbon.
Hopefully they like them, and see my appreciation through my work.