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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Flower Pins.

I have made a few flowers in the past, to use as a hair accessory. But when my husband's Japanese techer saw the flowers, she told me they are very popular in Japan to use as a pin, to wear in parties.
So I grabbed all my material, and bought some more, to make these pins.
I started buying more fabric, and the best for this type is organza, that I got at Joann fabrics.
I first cut a lot of pieces in the shape of petals, in different sizes. Then I used spray fabric paint to color and let dry overnight.
The next day, I took each petal and placed the edges close to the heat of a flame. The edges curl up and give a more natural look.

To start to make the rose, I use the smallest piece, roll up and sew around to keep it curled.
Then I place the next petal, and also sew with needle and thread.
And gradually add more petals around.
When I have a good number of roses, I use my hot glue and attach them to a button, a clip or a pin, and give a little finish in the back.
It is such a fun project, and the finished work is very nice.
I hope Nakazawa sensei likes them.