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Monday, December 28, 2015

Animals in Wood.

My father was the greatest craftsman I ever knew. The bad thing is I never took the advantage to learn the art, or watch him work on his workshop.
But my husband has been taken this new hobby, and he can make a lot of things in wood. So now I won't let this chance go, and he has been teaching me the basics of woodwork.
After working on the big saw, sanding and gluing some basic pieces, he got me a nice Scroll Saw as a Chistmas present.
I was so excited that I made a little project on Christmas morning, and spread sawdust in the house while he cooked. I made a little cat.
Then researching on Scroll Saw projects, I found a technique called Intarsia, which uses inlays in wood with different colors. I tought it was so amazing, I needed to try.
First I had to make a design, and a racoon caught my eye. I made him inside a tree trunk, that I saw on another design with an owl.
The machine was kind of using a sewing machine, with a tougher material. Another crucial step is carefully sanding each piece.
The tricky part was not to loose the pieces, which I did trying to vacuum the dust (my husband was able to open the vacuum and find my piece).
I individually painted each part, then again mixing up the pieces and having a hard time putting the puzzle together.
After dried, the pieces were glued to another piece of wood, then varnished a couple of times.
I really liked working with wood, and have lots of projects in mind.