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Saturday, September 12, 2015


It has always been my dream do make a doll dressed as a martial artist.
But my sons didn't want a doll, and I didn't know any little girls who practice martial arts.
And now I got my chance.
My son was invited to his friend's birthday, which happened to be in a Taekwondo school. I wanted to give a little gift for his little sister, since he will get a bunch of presents. And this cute little girl also practices Taekwondo.
I started trying to remember how I made dolls twenty some years ago. I remembered making the inside of the head first.
Using a white fabric, sewing and stuffing.
The next step was to cover the face with cotton, to shape the cheeks and making a profile, then covering with a skin color nylon fabric. This part is hand sewn in the back of the head, stretching the material so it doesn't get wrinkly.
Using the shape of the head, I estimated the rest of the body.
Then cut and sew the nylon fabric, stuffing and attaching.
Then I made the uniform in white.
I wanted to give a special touch, so I painted my dragon on the back of the shirt.
I made shoes in the same fabric as the clothes.
And sewed on her feet.
After dressing with her pants, I painted details on the shoes.
To make the hair I hand sewed yellow yarn on half of her head.
Then I did the same thing on the upper half.
I did this so I could use some for bangs, and the sides to make a little ponytail.
The eyes I cut circles of black EVA and glued to the face. Some blush on the face, and the mouth I painted with a pen fabric paint.
I made her a bag using felt.
And she is a yellow belt now, but I made her future belts and placed in the bag, so she can change the doll as she progresses.
I was calling her Taekwondo doll, but I thought it would be fun to call her TaekwonDoll.
Let's hope she likes the doll.