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Sunday, September 6, 2015

DIY Star Wars Pet Costume: Princess Lelea.

I finished the costume for Pepito, aka Ewok, and now it was time to dress up my dog Lele.
She really looks like Yoda, but she is a girl, so she had to be princess Lea.
I started making her hair, using the leftovers from my husband's ripped brown shirt (that I used on Pepito's costume).
By rolling the pieces of fabric, it made thicker to make the hair bun, using hot glue to attach it well.
Then I started rolling on the other direction to make the bun, still using the hot glue.
I left one piece longer, to make the middle part of the hair, and glued the other bun to the opposite end.
I sewed in the middle to make the hair division.
To make her dress, I cut a white T-shirt, on the length of her legs.
I used little pieces of plush to make the arms, and glued in place.
Next I folded the sleeves to cover the arms, still using hot glue.
Finally I made a belt in paper and glued to the dress.
I know we dressed her up for our own amusement.
But I assure you it only took a few seconds.
And soon she was free to go sit in her favorite spot.