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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Star Wars Pets : Pepito Ewok.

My little friend Pepito and his mom Pilar came to visit us again, and since last time we saw him, we have been saying how great he would look as a Ewok.
Now that he is here again, we couldn't miss the opportunity.
To make his costume, I used honey color plush (leftover from the hamburger bean bag), and I cut this shape (measuring in his body).
Next I sewed the legs.
To make the arms the pieces were cut like this (making sure the dimensions were proportional to his body).
Then I used the sewing machine to close the arms.
To stuff the arms, I used pieces of the same fabric.
And I attached both arms.
Then two pieces to tie the costume behind his neck.
To make his weapon, I had a thick skewer, that was glued to the hand. The edge of the weapon was made of paper.
To make the head piece and the "scarf", I cut my husband's brown T-shirt.
The last thing was go for the photo shoot.
I know he couldn't care less about these pictures or the costume...
...but he is so cute I couldn't resist.
The photo session last for about 60 seconds. But Pepito got kisses and belly rubs for much longer.