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Friday, August 14, 2015

Sand Castle Day.

I grew up going to the beach in Brazil. We also went in the month of July, which is actually Winter time, when the temperature is nice.
So now that I live in the northern hemisphere, I go all crazy to enjoy the Summer, before it gets cold.
Between all the things I wanted to do before Summer is over, one of them was to build a sand castle. Something I have been planning for years, but never had a chance to make.
I watched all sorts of videos to learn with the professionals.
Then we packed all of our beach equipment, and drove off with our friends in a beautiful day. I started early in the morning, and following sand castle professionals advice, I made a mountain of sand and water.
I used a technique from the videos, using a bucket with a hole in the end. Pack sand and water, then just unmold nicely (like they say).
Of course for me it didn't work, and all the sand fell to the sides.
And I had to make everything again by hand. It was a lot of shaping, packing more sand and water. And between collapsing parts, adjusting the walls, and changing plans, it started to look like a castle. But the best part was when the little kids started to come around, and get excited about my pile of sand.
In the end I made two little friends. They liked so much, and one of the cute little boys helped me make windows. It was about four hours of work, and it didn't quite looked the way I wanted. But when the little kids were all happy and excited, it really made my day.
Thank you nice litte boys and their mom who I don't know the name. You made it all worth it.