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Monday, August 31, 2015

Pirate Ship Fruit Bowl.

Having friends coming over is always a blast, and it is always nice to make a healthy and fun dessert.
This time I had a small watermelon, and I wanted to turn into a pirate ship.

I cut the top and scooped the inside using my melon baller.
Next I made little square windows,and placed blueberries for fake canons.
And cut more details to add more details.
Using the top part of the watermelon, I cut the sails.
For the masts I used large skewers. And for the final touch the kids made the pirate flags. I also had a cantaloupe, that turned into a whale.
First I cut a slice on the bottom, so the fruit can stand and won't roll around.
Then I cut a big smile and scooped the inside with a melon baller.
The corners of the smile where used to make his flippers (attached with toothpicks).
I cut a large black grape and a blueberry to make the eyes.
Using the melon baller, I scooped two small holes to fit the grapes for the eyes. And last I filled with fruit.
They looked well together, even though my son thought the whale was Pac Man.
Which also gave me another idea...