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Monday, May 18, 2015

Teen Titans Tower (recycle style).

Today we got a couple of toys I bought on line, from the current favorite cartoon my kids like: Teen Titans Go.
The two little toys came in a box, that was too nice to be put in the garbage.
So I decided to make a little doll house, or the Teen Titans Tower, which shapes like a "T"
First I cut the box in the middle.
With one of the halves, I made the bottom of the "T" (I cut one of the sides of this part).
Using the part I cut from this half, I made the "second floor" for the building (I attached everything with staplers).
Using the other half of the box, I opened one side, to make it bigger. Later I closed with another piece of cardboard.
This way I was able to make it look like a "T".
Then everything was covered with white construction paper.
In the end I could decorate using acrylic paint.
And with paper and markers, I could make the details of their house.
I only made the rooms for the characters we bought.
Raven is dark and has magic powers, and her room looks like this.
Beast Boy turns into any animal, and he has a cat bed in his room, but usually sleeps in a cardboard box.
They also have a TV room.
I know this toy won't last very long, but I like to see them playing in the box.
It reminds me as a kid, making paper toys and having a lot of fun.
It was worth the trouble, and the mess.