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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Some cute leftovers.

I have been trying forever to make these little cute rice creatures, that I always see on the Internet. And today for the first time I felt I had the ingredients, or the inspiration to make them.
The jasmine rice from last night had the right consistency to stick together into a ball (or an oval blob).
I had some hot dogs that after sliced, looked good enough to make ears, or paws.
And the cheese was perfect to make the details, after cutting with a straw, or a knife.
I had my last piece of whole wheat wrap, that I cut with a round cutter to make a tummy.
I really didn't know what kind of an animal I made, and my kids called it beaver.
It is a good day when you have a little extra time to play with the food, before you eat.
And also is a good thing when your ideas really work (because they don't always do).