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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Flower Bread Basket.

This week is Teacher's Appreciation Week, and I am so behind the schedule.
Monday I forgot to send the kids wearing their teachers favorite sports team color, Tuesday I forgot to send their favorite flower, and today I didn't have their favorite snack. Since is the thought that it counts, I decided to make something special for tomorrow.
I had the idea of making bread in the shape of a basket, like I have done before, and decorate with their favorite flowers.
So I made flowers using fondant.
First I made Mrs. Lange's sunflowers. I colored the fondant brown, made a circle and dipped in chia seeds. I placed those aside.

Then I made yellow petals, and attached to a green base.

After finishing with the petals, I placed the brown circles on top, and pressed for them to stick together.

After the sunflowers, I made Mrs. DeMaria's daisies. These were a little easier. Just white petals and a yellow center(I forgot to take pictures while I made).
Then to make Mrs. Luca's tulips, I decided to use tissue paper, because they would stand better.
I just cut the tissue paper in the shape of petals.

Next I wrapped one petal around my finger.

Then I twisted the bottom. I repeated the process, wrapping the other petals around.

After it looked like a full flower, I twisted the bottom harder, enough to fit in a straw, then used some tape to secure.

To make the basket, I made my bread dough in my bread machine. When ready to bake, I braided and made a big ball. Making a smaller braided piece, I made the handles for the basket.

The handle stay up using toothpicks.

Then I finally placed the flowers on each basket.

I hope the teachers like bread.

And I hope they know how much we appreciate them.