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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Statement Sweater, not Ugly.

At first I had no idea when people mentioned "Ugly Sweaters".
We do celebrate Christmas in Brazil, but I just understood about this concept in the recent years. And to tell you the truth, I think they are cute.
So I decided last minute to make one, with whatever I had in my house.
I wanted to make a Christmas tree, but there was no green felt in my cabinet. I had a big piece of blue, and that is why I ended up making a penguin. I also found some small pieces of assorted colors, different sizes pompoms, and a couple of black beads (for the eyes).
So first I cut up all the pieces.
With the help of my hot glue gun, I started place the pieces together.

I used an old sweater I had, and sewed in a couple of places, enough to attach the piece, but not too many to damage the sweater (I still plan to remove everything so I can wear my plain sweater).
Then I stole some of the decorations from my tree, and tied in a few places.

They made it look more colorful.
Then all done and ready to party.
Now I also have a cute sweater too.