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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Tree, a healthy dessert.

This is not my original idea, and I thought it was so clever I had to try to make this beautiful Christmas centerpiece.

The base is made of a carrot on top of an apple, attached by a skewer (this part is a little dangerous, be careful if you try).
The bottom is covered with leaves of kale, using toothpicks.

Then you go all the way up using toothpicks around, and alternating fruit with different colors.
It didn't look like a tree in the beginning, but as I was filling the spaces with fruit, it looked better.
The star on top is made of a piece of cantaloupe, I cut with a knife.
It was bending a little to the side, so all I did was propping with a big skewer on the back, with an apple on the bottom to hold.
Then I put the better looking "face" to the front, and my guests were so impressed they didn't even notice the flaw (until I showed them).
The kids loved it and had a healthy dessert.