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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy 2015!

This New Years I decided to make something simple to have fun for New Year's Eve , and the "Photo Booth" idea seemed to be ideal. Just paper, some straws and the camera.
I cut out different colors of card stock paper in different shapes: mustaches, bow ties, lips, and New Year's signs. Then I attached each one to a straw with scotch tape.
I had some glue glitter and decorated a little. I also had some holiday card stock, to make more colorful.
And some holiday decoration stolen from the tree for the background makes a great picture.

And the whole family can celebrate...

...even those who don't like to dress up. Happy 2015! I made a printable sheet so everyone could use this idea and print, but unfortunately Google thinks that is a problem with my file, so is not letting me load to print.
But I have faith you guys can use your crafty side, and make your own mustaches and signs.
Enjoy this idea and have fun!