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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Girl Ninjabread Cookies.

Last year I bought this gingerbread cookie kit called Ninjabread Cookie Kit, and I made some Gingerbread Cookies shaped like ninjas. My boys loved them.
But this weekend I am having toddler girls guests, and I think they would appreciate more colorful cookies.
So I used the same cookies cutters, and turned them into girls.
I first made a batch of gingerbread cookies, using a recipe from Taste of Home (click here to go to the recipe page).
While the dough was refrigerating, I made the royal icing, using the recipe from (click here too, to get the recipe) .
Then to decorate, I line them up to work quickly, before the kids would get home from school.
Then using one color at at time,I decorated the cookies. I also planned ahead how they were going to look like, drawing in paper.
So with the same shapes, I can make boy and girl cookies.
But the boys loved the girl cookies, and the little girls might prefer the ninjas.
We will see.