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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gingerbread Barn.

Since my attempt to make gingerbread man was successful, I decided to be braver and go for a gingerbread house. After debating on the type of house, I chose a Christmas barn (I guess animals always be a part of my work).
First I grabbed some cardboard to work on a prototype.

Then I made the template in paper, to be cut in the dough (my kid got ahead of me and used one of my papers to draw).

And the cardboard model could be used for the kids to color and play, and even gave me ideas.

Then I used the recipe from Food Network : Gingerbread 101.

Making according to the instructions, and cutting each piece following my templates, they baked well and weren't too hard.

While the pieces of gingerbread were cooling, I made the icing and colored some of them, using gel food coloring.

I made some horses cutting the dough with a knife, and using my fingers to shape it better. Still flat on the table, I decorated all the pieces using pipping bags using cones of parchment paper (learn how to make here on this link).

After a couple of hours the sugar of the decoration was dry, so I could assemble my barn, propping the sides using my cans of beans, so they would stay still. There were a lot of parts that would touch perfectly, so I blobbed a bunch of icing to cover, and to keep it attached. So I left to dry overnight.

The next day it was all dry and ready for pictures...

... and playing, before we leave for Santa to eat.

Merry Christmas!