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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wires and Lights, not my forte.

Being a computer challenged person, having a husband into technology is a blessing when I need help with Internet and putting music in my IPod. But when he gifts me with something that are more related wires and power adaptors, for me to use, my creative brain suffers a seizure and gets into a coma.
So he gave me this wire that glows, and it is made to sew into clothes, called EL Wire. Making an effort to build something with it, I started to bend it, fold it, and the only thing it could resemble was something that belonged to a robot.
So I sewed it to a snow glove. The arm part was sewed to a piece of foam sheet, cut into a "T", and folded around the arm and placed together with a paper clip.
The kids approved it and played super hero, and it would be a cool idea for Halloween. Maybe I will start to use more of these wires.