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Friday, February 15, 2013

No cookie cutter?

My dilemma is always about buying more kitchen stuff or save money for other more important things. I was about to order cookie cutters online, until it looked like something I could make. So just searching on google, a handful of websites and videos on how to make your own cookie cutter appeared. The most helpful was this one on WikiHow, using a aluminum lasagna pan.
So first I found a picture on one of our kids books, Scaredy Squirrel. The picture of a raccoon seemed to match the colors of icing I had at home. So following the instructions, I was able to make the raccoon shape.
I made a modified recipe sugar cookie, using coconut butter instead of butter, whole wheat flour and spelt flour instead of white flour, and brown sugar instead of white sugar.
The icing I had was Wilton, but I had to put in a little plastic candy bag, to make the hole smaller and so it was possible to make the small details.
I had so much fun, and this opened a whole new door for making cookies with any shape desired. Let's see what the future will bring