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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Academy Awards 2013

For my Oscars party this year, I decided to step up and be more creative, since my friend Dinarte moved back to NY from Hollywood. He is already very successful in Portugal, directing and acting (my favorite comercials and interviews here), won an award in a movie festival in Brazil for best actor, and now is being requested in America for commercials and movie roles.
So my morning preparation started with a self manicure. Harder than I thought, painting tittle figures with a tiny paintbrush and toothpick took a couple of trials. But finally I made something worth of a picture.
To make more fun we had a red carpet. We stepped on a red table cloth from the dollar store, and my gown was silver tissue paper stapled on top of a garbage bag. Not so fancy when you hear that. And I probably spent about five dollars for it.
To make the cookies, I first had to make a cookie cutter, using an aluminum lasagna pan (process described on the site WikiHow ). For the cookies I used Alton Brown's sugar cookie recipe recipe. I covered with icing ready in a tube from Wilton. Then after the icing was dry, I sprayed gold spray paint from chef Duff. To make it standup, I placed in a round cookie with melted chocolate. these cute cookies were not my original idea. I saw them at one of my favorite baking inspirations, Bakerella.
The cupcake tower were two baking pans upside down, covered with scrapbook paper, shiny ribbon and movie stickers. All from another great craft store, ACMoore.
We served cheese and grapes, and ham and cheese baked in wonton wraps wonton wraps.
Another decoration made from sugar paste served to decorate the chocolate plate.And pretty champagne glasses from party city were great to serve pop corn and fruit.
Finally my work was done, now time to relax and watch the Oscars on TV.