Made by hands, expressed from the heart.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Rush

Having 2 kids is enough to get me rushing through holidays to make little gifts to their classmates. Two teachers, two assistant teachers and thirty three kids total.
For my son's pre K class I had several ideas, but with small kids is always harder, because of food allergies or harmful food shapes. So I thought the safest thing would be little Goldfish. I just put a small amount in little colorful bags, some ribbon, and pretty paper cut with my paper punch. Simple and quick, and make a good impression when they are all together.

For my other son's second grade class I made rice krispies treats a day before, packaged in a candy plastic bag and dressed up with stickers that were on sale at Michael's and a cute ribbon from them too.
Everything express, in a hurry, but with lots of love.