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Friday, July 1, 2016

Who knew rock painting is so much fun.

My friend Diane found a big rock during the remodeling of her driveway and she asked if I would paint it. I had never thought about painting a rock, and was very surprised to see that people really use rocks to decorate their garden (I guess I had never noticed).
But since I had a bunch of paint, I decided to try. So today she presented me the big rock.
She mentioned she likes sunflowers. So I found a pretty image of a sunflower, and worked around from there.
While I was painting, the kids stopped playing and wanted to join me. Diane had some disposable plates, so the kids did their art.
After a couple of hours, the rock was done.
My friend Sandy stayed by my side the whole time. She helped me take the pictures, or at least to model by the rock.
I really had a great time painting this rock, and I want to do more. I will be around looking for rocks now.