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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kawaii Roll Cake.

My last roll cake did not roll properly. But now that I found out what I did wrong: I used the wrong baking pan. Now that I had the jelly roll baking pan, it was time to make it again.
As I mentioned before, the recipe and instructions I got from How to Cook That (just click on the highlighted name to go to the page).
Today I decided to make something cute (or something other than Pokemons).

Last the cake batter, this time in a jelly roll baking pan.
According to the instructions from How to Cook That, I flipped the cake and removed the parchment paper while hot. Then cooled it off for filling.
I filled with whipped heavy cream and strawberries, and this time it rolled nicely.
The cake is very good, fluffy and sweet.
Something I will be making more in the future.