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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pokemon (almost) Rool Cake.

I decided to make a Roll Cake with a pattern, and asked my son to draw something he likes. Figures, he made Pikachu.
I used this very good recipe from How to Cook That. She has the recipe, and detailed explanation on her video about patterns you can make in the cake.
So using the drawings in the background of the parchment paper, with a toothpick and different color cake batters, I made the illustration.
At each layer, the drawing has to go in the freezer, so the colors don't mix.
After the last layer of colors is frozen, the cake batter goes on top (recipe on the link: How to Cook That).
After baked it looked nice.
I had some chocolate frosting for the filling.
But THEN, when I was ready to roll the cake, it cracked like this.
It looked like a sandwich. Later I realized my mistake: I did not use a jelly roll baking pan . My cake was shorter, so it was thicker, and could not roll properly.
It was sad that broke, but the kids liked anyway.
Next time I will make it in a proper pan.
For now this will be a sandwich cake.