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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Should I try sculpting wood?

My friend Marci gave me a wood sculpting kit, and a little wood block. I always wanted to try sculpting wood, so I decided to try.
I had the idea in my head, but they not always work. With the help of some youtube videos, I learned some techniques and how to use the tools.

After a few days and a sore hand, it was finished.
Painting always makes brighter.
I guess it worked. I am glad I tried.
And nobody better than a teacher to receive this gift. And for Teacher's Appreciation Day, I placed the bird in a wood block.
To make it more useful, I made it a post it note holder.
I hope she likes it.
And if you are reading this Mrs. Cohen, thank you for pushing Caio to be better prepared for middle school.