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Monday, May 23, 2016

DIY party games: the punch piñata.

Now that my son's party is over, I can relax to regain strength to clean the mess.
But it was all worth it, the kids had a lot of fun and I made everything at a relatively low cost.
One game that was a big hit, I would never imagine this, was the "punch piñata". This idea was not mine, I copied from Grey House Harbor.
I showed in the post before, but I will repeat it just because I want to make this again in the future.
It was made of a big piece of cardboard with several circles cut in it, a little smaller then the opening of small paper cups. It doesn't need to be very neat because they are all meant to be covered after.
The next step is to cut several pieces of tissue paper into squares, and glue on top of each circle.
After they are all covered, turn to the other side and place a small prize in each circle.
Using paper cups, I used my hot glue gun to cover each circle, to hold the prize inside.
When it was party time, the kids make a line, and one by one punch one circle to collect a prize.
I had no idea the kids would be so excited about this game.
This is something that definitely I will be making in the future, and I highly recommend.