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Friday, May 27, 2016

Minecraft Enderman Piñata.

For the Minecraft party, the choice to make a piñata was Enderman, this long creature with creepy eyes that I am sure made my neighbors scared.
But the kids like him/it, and it was an easy project to make.
All I used was a box wrapped in a black table cover from the dollar store. The cardboard from the bottom was cut out and the box was filled with goodies. Then the open bottom was closed with regular wrapping paper and tape, to make it easier to break. And a hole on top to place a string to hang the box. I used an old name tag that had a string.
Then using the rest of the black table cover, I just cut his long body, arms and legs to attach to the box.
The eyes were cut pieces of white paper, and painted in purple. You can use purple paper too, I just didn't have any available at the time.
Since it was easy to break because of the paper on the bottom, I just gave the kids some foam pool noodles to hit the piñata. The hard sticks to hit scare me, especially with a bunch of boys.
My husband was in charge of this game, and we both forgot the detail of the blindfold.
They had a lot of fun, and it gave me a few minutes to rest and get a snack, until they got to the next game.