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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fruit Basket

Today we had end of the year party at school, and I was assigned to bring fruit.
Since the other mothers were bringing ice cream, candy, whip cream, and chocolate, I really didn't think the fruit was going to be a big hit.
So I tried to make as attractive as I could, believing just a couple of kids would go for them.
So I first cut half of a watermelon, scoop inside wit a melon baller, and cut the edges with a knife. Then I cut a few strawberries in 4 (not all the way), and placed a green grape in the middle, to make a flower. The rest of strawberries were cut into quarters. And just fill the basket with grapes, watermelon balls, and strawberries.
I was so gladly surprised to see that all the kids were asking for the fruit with ice cream.
But then they were going for seconds, and the fruit was gone. Now I feel. bad.
Next time I will bring a bigger one.