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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dragon Kimono.

Our elementary school has an International Day every year, and the kids bring a international dish for everyone to try.
Since there is another kid in class who will bring a Brazilian dish, my son decided to represent his Japanese heritage.
The school also asked if they can be dressed as the country they represent. And that is why I made this kimono. Lucky me there was a nice leftover piece of black fabric(from the dress I made), and it was just big enough for what I needed.
I used his karate kimono to take a pattern.

And here sewing the pieces after cutting the fabric.
The kimono was ready and now I could paint.

He chose a dragon that I had on my pajamas from Target. So I copied the drawing in pencil, and reinforced with a black marker.
The next step was to transfer he drawing into freezer paper, shiny side down (very important).
After the picture is all done, I cut all the details with a Xacto knife.
And carefully cutting all the pieces.
Until it is all done.
With this pattern ready, the scariest part was next.
So this is how I got ready for painting.
First placing the area to be painted in a soft base. I put the seat from the couch on top of the table. Then the back of the kimono facing up.
After finding a ideal spot to paint the dragon, I placed the freezer paper, shiny side down..
Then using a iron, with a low heat set, I pressed the paper so it becomes "glued" to the fabric.
After I prepared my silk screen, which is a embroidery hoop, with a piece of sheer silk.
Then with the hoop firmly pressed to the paper (see how I also used a heavy book to help me hold the hoop), I started the painting process.
I used a rubber spatula to spread the paint in the entire area (I had to repeat this process a few times).
And finally I could peel off the freezer paper. It dried nicely. And it fits well.