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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pi Day T-Shirt.

I learned today that March 13 is Pi Day (the number Pi 3.1415- and that is all I remember).
The school asked to send the children with T-shirts with a number. Since we couldn't find any of this item, I started to wonder if I could make one myself.
So then researching on techniques to print fabric at home, I discovered something new, and awesome. On the blog Make It- Love It, I learned that freezer paper is ideal to make a stencil for printing a T- shirt, because when ironed, the freezer paper will stick to fabric.
This was something I had never seen before, so I couldn't wait to try.
We first chose a design for each T- shirt, and drew in paper, then copied in the freezer paper (waxy side down).

Next I carefully cut the shape with my exacto knife.
Next I ironed the freezer paper to the area I needed the illustration on the fabric.
Then I used the painting tools: fabric paint, a sheer fabric, a embroidery hoop, and a spatula.
After placing the sheer fabric on the hoop, they serve as a silk screen. So using a small amount of paint, I used the spatula to go across the screen, on top of the stencil.

To make different colors, I had to change the fabric.
Then after peeling the paper, the area painted will show (you can see I did a oopsie on the bottom with the blue paint).
After the paint was dry, I used the fabric pencils to add details, and also to cover up the blurry paint.
And made the second T-shirt. Notice that since I didn't have any yellow paint, I used the pen to make the pie. So the color is not as bright as when applied with the screen technique.
They don't look perfect, but not so bad for the first time. And that will do it to use it in school.
They approved it.