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Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day.

The International Women's Day is March 8. In a house where the only females are the dog, the cat, and me, I wasn't really sure how to celebrate this date.

But then, I realized this could be an advantage. The boys are small enough to listen to everything I say, so maybe an afternoon of treats and women's history could be interesting.
I didn't want to bore them, and show statistics about women's rights. So I made little signs to remind why there is a Women's Day, and placed on food.
I had fresh bread that my husband just made, and served little sandwiches.
When they asked what those meant, I explained:
A lot of Countries don't allow girls to go to school.
. Women didn't have voting rights until the early 1900's in the US.
. Women couldn't work, or become professionals.
Those signs made them ask questions, and it gave me a chance to bring up why women weren't(or some places still aren't) treated as equals. Those are discussions hard to bring up out of the blue, so they helped me start a little conversation.
I even had a chance to make a little tribute to one of my favorite women in science, Marie Curie. I was able to tell them she was a scientist, a chemist and a physicist, and her work helped discoveries on radiation (I used the word X-Rays to make more exciting).
This was just an attempt to show them how women are important, historically.
In the end I could talk more openly, and bring up these little messages for them.
Respect girls.
Listen to what they say.
Ask for their opinion.
I don't know how long these principles are staying in their memory. But it was just a little seed to, hopefully, help them grow up to be responsible, respectful and conscious citizens.
And guys who respect women.