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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank You Miss Kathy!

Choosing where you leave your children while you go to work, 2 hours away, with no emergency contact, is a tough situation. But I was very lucky to find Carousel Day School, that would stay with my kindergartener in the morning, drive him to public school, pick him up, keep him until evening, plus watch my youngest son all day. And in these past 4 years, we always could count on the school manager Miss Kathy. Before 7AM she was opening the school, waiting for the staff, but always stopped to hold my crying baby while I sneaked out to work. She even stayed with them almost 3 hours after closing, in a day that the trains wouldn't run and we were stuck in the city.
Now I am getting ready to stay more at home, so I won't need to take them there anymore.
But not without acknowledging the great people at Carousel, and especially Miss Kathy, who deserves the biggest HUG I can ever give.
And since is winter, and the holidays are here, I made a little miss Kathy in clay.

This way she can remember every year how grateful we are, and how important she is to every child that comes to her.
I see it every time.
We love you Miss Kathy.