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Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Karen!

It is always hard to pull a surprise birthday party for someone. Trying to do it in a busy day, at work, for your manager, is even harder.
But with the help of all secretive people who I work with (not really), we were able to surprise Karen. Jenn and Karen (number 2) had the idea of making a hamburger cake, because that is what the birthday lady loves.
Since I am not a great baker, I volunteered our friend Gillian to bake it.
A few days before, I made the filling decoration, that would be the lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Very easy, all made from candy clay (click the name for the recipe), which is basically white chocolate.
For the cake, Gillian baked a 8 inch round cake the night before (night meaning she sent me this picture when I was in bed).

So after her night of labor and a broken oven, she was able to make the perfect cake. After I had a full night sleep, she brought it to work in the morning. All I had to do was sliced it into 3 parts. The middle layer I covered with her icing tinted with brown food coloring to make the burger patty (by the way, I can't supply he recipes of the cake or icing because I am still waiting for them). Then placed all the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and remaining of the white icing to be the mayonnaise.
Last I used fondant tinted with copper color food coloring, to cover the top part to make the bun. The little sesame seeds are also small pieces of fondant.
I say it was great team work, and Karen enjoyed it!