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Friday, November 1, 2013

Rocket Man.

Meeting a real astronaut is not a everyday event, and it is every little kid's dream. So when my husband heard about the book signing of An Astronaut's Guide to Life, and the chance to meet Col. Chis Hadfield, he jumped and wanted to be first in line.
We first started following him on Facebook when he was out in space, sending beautiful pictures of our planet, from all different continents, sharing his rocket ship window view.
So to show our appreciation, we wanted to make a little gift for him, made of polymer clay.
And the guitar is a detail that people wouldn't imagine, but he plays and sings, and here is his video from the International Space Station.Space Oddity.
And also this other music video, he sings from the Space Station with the Barenaked Ladies via satelite: Is Somebody Singing.
Who else can do that?
And Marcelo came back even more excited! He arrived there 3 hours before, and had a chance to speak to Mrs Hadfield, who was extremely nice. He handed her the little package, and waited in line to get his book signed.
Coolest moment in life!
So for our great surprise, less than 2 days after Marcelo handed Mrs Hadfield our gift, Col. Hadfield posted the picture of my little astronaut on his Facebook page!
And this is what he wrote: "Good morning! With the extra hour's sleep of the time change, I hereby present my doppelganger instead. "
And to see all the positive responses for my little figurine, that was/is the biggest confidence booster I ever had!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And not only because he is an astronaut, but our admiration grew even more when we learned how hard it was to achieve his dream, and how he acknowledges that it was possible thanks to his wife's support. It gives us comfort and strength for us to continue our journey.