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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Party

Preparing myself for tomorrow's encounter with 27 kids (not included my own) for a 90 minute bounce, slide, pizza and cake birthday party. They come with a parent at a precise time (6PM tomorrow) to this area full of bouncers and slides, jump and run for 60 minutes. Then the staff directs everyone to a room, have pizza and juice for 15 minutes, then cake and sing happy birthday for the rest 15 minutes left. When the 90 minutes is over, they redirect everyone to the exit door because the next party already started. It is quick and (kind of) painless (for me) way for the kids to have fun and for us to see them with their friends. So to continue my computer slash illustration training, I made the thank you cards. First I had to draw in paper, then scanned the image. Using the Illustrator Program, I colored the image, then printed in photo paper. Simple and fun, and different. Hope everyone enjoys the party. I am having the chills now...