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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

French Fries Costume.

For the Halloween costumes this year I tried to spend the least amount possible, and use as much junk from home I could.
My son asked me for a french fries costume, and this was something that could be made entirely in cardboard. The only thing I had to buy was red and yellow cardboard at the Dollar store. And I used my hot glue gun.
To make the container part I used a cardboard box. I cut the 4 sides and covered with the red paper (sorry, the pictures of the parts I cut disappeared).
To make the fries I folded the yellow cardboard in 4 parts and glued the edges together.
Then using another piece to cover the end.
I glued a few fries on the inside part that would be the back of the container, and also glued these pieces of fabric to make straps to tie and hold in the body.
Fries in the front part, too, on the inside.
And last gluing the four parts together to make the box.
To finally make the entire costume, I couldn't forget the "M".
The kids were happy with the final product.
It came better than I tought.