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Friday, September 2, 2016

School BusCake.

My friend Leslie called all her friends for a end of Summer, back to school pool party.
Since my son had asked me to make this cake during vacation, I thought this would be a good time to make it.
I had two loaves of Entermann's butter cake, and this is the way I stacked them.
Then placing several layers of frosting, white for windows and yellow for the bus.
I placed the cake on top of a cardboard, and the cardboard on top of a glass container (with a good layer of frosting to serve as a glue). This way the wheels made of cookies could be properly placed.
Besides the wheels, the heads, the stop sign and the license plate where made of store bought sugar cookies.
The little eyeballs were sugar eyeballs from the craft store. And black frosting in a piping bag to draw the other details. The yellow frosting in a piping bag also helped outline the edges of the bus, and make the windows.
And I also used food markers on the cookies, to draw the details.
I was happy how it came out, but the next challenge would be to drive the cake to the party. Besides the bumps, my car air conditioner broke, so I was afraid the cookies would melt off and fall, together with the whole cake.
So I placed the cake in the freezer for one hour, then drove straight to the party.
The cake got there intact, one wheel fell when I was cutting, but overall it looked fine, and the kids were happy.
And the party was fun.
Thank you, Leslie and Mikey!