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Monday, January 25, 2016

Litttle Bird House.

This weekend we had the big blizzard of 2016, and since I am stranded at home, I decided to make some woodwork.
I had to make something small, because there was only small pieces of wood at home.
First I sat with my cat to make the design.
Then I made the pattern with paper, then transfer to the wood.
And cut all the pieces of wood.
After cutting they all needed to be sanded.
After cleaning all the sawdust, I had a chance to have fun and paint whatever I wanted.
One of the walls I planned to make in acrylic, and I could use some of glass paint I bought at Michaels.
After dried, I glued all the pieces.
I could not figure out a way the secure the house to hang in the tree, so I decided to hold the house with twines and a tree branch. And that extra branch gave me an idea, and I made two birds in polymer clay.
I left one of the sides of the roof easy to open, so I can place the bird food inside.
So hopefully the birds outside can find some nutritious food in my tree, in this cold winter.
Come eat!!