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Monday, January 11, 2016

Little wheelbarrow.

Last week was my friend Diane's birthday, and I finally finished her present. Between my scroll saw breaking, and the time to go to Harbor Freight to exchange the machine, her birthday had passed.
But I will give it to her this week, when I see her for my birthday.
This was my first time cutting such a detailed work in wood, and hopefully no one who is a professional will see it. But I did the best I could, and it was a good practice.
I used a template I found online, and glued to 1/8 inch plywood.
Then it was a lot of cutting, changing saw blades, breaking the blades, then the machine broke, exchanging the machine, and finally finish cutting.
And a lot of saw dust in my living room, that I had to vacuum each time.
After sanding a zillion times, I glued the pieces together.
Then finally my signature.
It is not the finest woodwork, but not bad for a beginner.
And it was worth the effort, for Diane.