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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Bread that Almost Didn't Happened.

Since we got a bread machine, we don't buy any more bread, so we have to make them almost every day.
Last night I skipped my workout, and I decided to make a little more time consuming bread. I wanted to try to make them red and heart shaped, for Valentine's Day.
I started to making the red color (the artificial colors don't agree with my kids tummies). I boiled some beets and used the red water, using it instead of milk for the recipe (I do change recipes, and that is why they don't always work).
I placed the rest of ingredients and let the machine mix, knead, and do its work.
After 1 1/2 hour, it beeps to tell it is ready.
I shaped them in the shape of hearts. They looked very nice.
And after they finished baking...they were all roundish, or triangular, and did not look like hearts.
I was about to call it quits. But decided to adjust the breads a little, and used a knife to shape them a little better.
And there it was, I finally could serve my family heart shaped breads.
Sometimes ideas don't seem to succeed, but making little changes and adjusting to the situation, it makes look (almost) perfect in the end.