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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

From water ballons to fancy bowls.

I have been trapped in my house for a few days, between snow storms, schools closed and sick children. So no new crafty ideas came to my mind.
But my sister sent a picture on Pinterest, and I didn't have to buy anything to make it.
The idea was to make these ice globes, put a candle inside and turn them into beautiful ice, light decorations. But of course it didn't work for me, so I turned them into something else.
. First I filled water balloons with tap water, and let them sit outside, until I had time for them.
After 2 days and a snowstorm, we went to dig after them.
One of the balloons popped. For the rest, I cut the tip with scissors, and for my surprise they were only partially frozen.
I placed the ice pieces on an outdoor table, and poured hot water to melt the sharp pieces on the edges, to avoid accidents. Sorry for the dark pictures.
Then it is ready to use as a serving bowl.
So it could be a ice sculpture for a party, much easier and affordable.
Just store outside if the winter is cold enough.
Just be careful when it starts to melt, so it doesn't flood the table.
But I think it is worth to impress the guests when you first bring your fancy fruit bowl.

Water Ballons Ice Bowls.