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Monday, November 12, 2012

Pajama pants

The last two weeks weren't what we call the most inspiring days for arts and crafts. Between a hurricane, snow storm, no power, people who lost everything they have, the priority was try to help people, and be grateful for what you have. Making sure that neighbors weren't hungry or cold, asking if people needed to do their laundry, or donating some money to the Red Cross. We were the lucky ones that only lost power for 24 hours, and didn't have any major damage in our house. So now that the community is a little better, schools on and I can at least go to work, my brain is working better and I feel that I can make something again. Since my kids were in need for pajama pants, I figured this is one way I could save some money. Considering each pair would at least cost 5 to 20 dollars (the cute ones cost more), and that I found some adorable fabrics for 2.99/ yard (enough to make one for my 7 year old), I decided to give it a try . JoAnn Fabrics have super cute flannels and no cost shipping for a minimum order. Just to remind that I am no seamstress, even if I made a mistake, nobody but us would see it, as long as they were comfortable. So the best tutorial I found on line was on this web page. It shows all the steps on how to take a pattern, cut the fabric and make the pants. I was able to make all of those pants in one weekend, and with leftover fabric, I was even able to make a little dinosaur for our baby friend Leandro.
It is a big satisfaction when you can dress your family for less money. But even more when when you can say your loved ones are safe, and able to enjoy life.