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Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 Party

Now I am a few hours after the solar eclipse and I can show how my solar projector worked. My cardboard and reading glasses solar projector did not disappoint and we followed the Sun get covered by the Moon for the whole time.
From the beginning at 1:23PM.

Get gradually bigger as time went on.
Until it got the maximum coverage in our area at 2:44PM.
All the excitement came together with my eclipse of the heart cake.
Cookies with brigadeiro (condensed milk and chocolate dessert from Brazil).
Sunny D, Sun chips, Sunkist, star rice krispies.
And all the other food the could not relate to the theme but the kids like to eat.
I don't remember ever seeing an eclipse in my life, probably because it has always been cloudy in the past.
But today just when the Sun, the Moon and the point on Earth were we stand aligned, we had clear skies. And we had a chance to be together and celebrate with our kids.
And that does not happen all the time.