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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ninja town Iga.

On my trip to Japan I decided to visit an old friend from Brazil and spend a couple of days in her town. For my surprise and pure coincidence she lives in a place that I always wanted to see: Iga- Ueno. Iga is famous for its School of ninjutsu (art of stealth). It was one of leading ninja schools in Japan.
There is a ninja museum, ninjas around the city and everything ninja related.
This city became one of my favorites because it is not crowded with tourists and the streets remind the old towns in Japan. Everything is so quiet and you hardly see people walking around.

And of course everything is ninja.
Ninja trains.
Ninja manholes.

Ninja signs and posters with ninja events.
Ninja products.
Ninja baby outfits.
Ninja statue.
Ninja restroom.
We found this cafe by accident, it looks more like a store but it has a table in the back where they have nice green tea ice cream and coffee.
Inside we found very cool decoration.

And the best part is that in that cafe lives the ninja cat.
Her name is Chacha and she is very friendly.

There are places all around town to take pictures if you are a ninja fan. It is such a nice place to walk, it is very calm and every couple of blocks you find a shrine or a place to meditate.
The art that you see in the streets has so much detail, the combination with the new and the old.
I am so inspired by this place, I want very much to go back there.

And this are not all the pictures I have from Iga, wait until you see the castle with the samurai armors. Next time.