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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Raijin, the God of Thunder.

In my recent obsession for Japanese art, I came across the image of Raijin, the God of Thunder.
I found the description of this spirit beating drums to create thunder so fascinating. That is why I needed to have him. And as always, on the verge of buying an already made t-shirt, I wonder if I could make my own.
So I decided to try this technique I tried before, using freezer paper.
First I draw my Raijin in paper, and transfer to the freezer paper, shiny side down (this will be the part that sticks to the fabric).
Next step was to use an exacto knife and cut the image all over. This part took me more than a day because of the details.
Placing the shiny side of the paper down, I used the iron to stick the paper to the fabric.
Then I used my fake silk screen, made of a piece of sheer silk attached to an embroidery hoop.
I had extra help to hold the hoop in place, and applied the paint with a spatula.
This was done on top of a pillow.
After I spread around the whole area, I gently pulled the paper.
The next day, after this part was dry, I used the same technique to make the Japanese characters. It says Raijin in kanji.
And after this part was also dry, I had to use fabric markers to make the details I couldn't get before.
And finally I got my Raijin t-shirt.
Maybe it is a lot of trouble to get a simple t-shirt, maybe I should just had ordered it when I saw it online.
But I guess I like to do it the Japanese way: more complicated.