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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fun pancakes.

Some mornings (very rarely), you are ahead of schedule and there is a bit more time to prepare breakfast. And even if the clean up was going to be more time consuming, apparently today I was up to the challenge.
I started to make pancakes, and I remember a trick to shape them. So I put the batter in my squeeze bottle, and diluted a tiny bit more with milk so it wouldn't clog the tip (which happened before). I also had to cut the tip to make it bigger, so the thick batter could go through
. Then I just started outlining my drawings, and making the details first.
After it cooked a little, I filled the rest.
When it started to bubble, I flipped. The outlines cook longer, so it appears darker, so give the figure some details.
After that we were just trying to find all different shapes we could make.
It was fun and my son even brought them to school for his friends.
Now I only have to get the courage to clean the mess I made.